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Project 71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw August 11, 2010

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So this one isn’t even a paper craft at all….It’s called diversification ūüôā ¬†I am just so proud of this throw I had to show you. ¬†I just learned how to crochet a few months ago, and the ONLY other project I have crocheted is a very simple, single colored, single crochet scarf. ¬†So I am patting myself on the back for taking on the challenge of an entire throw with several different stitch types, and I just made it up as I went. ¬†There was no pattern….I’m sure you seasoned crocheters (is that even a word??) out there are thinking, “whatever…its just a bunch of granny squares” but I’m still proud that I was brave enough to just jump right in with both feet and go for a whole throw/blanket instead of making a 100 scarves ūüôā

I actually crocheted the majority of this while on trips to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, so I think that might always make this one a little more special than others I ¬†may create in the future. ¬†Since it is a bunch of really big granny squares it made it the perfect craft to take with me. ¬†All I needed was a crochet hook, a ball of yarn, and scissors. ¬†I didn’t need to drag the whole thing with me, as I just made the blue squares while visiting grandmother, and then when I was home I would add two rounds with white around each square, and attach them. ¬†I had read of the agony of attaching granny squares and how it seemed like an unending task. ¬†Not wanting it to feel so daunting, I attached the squares as I finished them; ¬†that way I wouldn’t have to spend an ENTIRE day assembling the throw once the squares were complete. ¬†Then when all the square were done and attached I just added a row of single crochet all the way around the outside to make it look more “finished” since I am not into fringy blankets (that’s just one more thing to lure my dogs to chewing up the blanket).

Project 71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw

71 of 365

71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw

No, the throw is not permanently on the back of the couch, I just did this for the photos so you could get an idea of how big it is…..But putting it on the couch when we have guests over might not be a bad idea….it nicely hides the notorious bullmastiff drool from my two babies ūüôā


Project 70 of 365: Grandma’s Memory Board

Do all my home improvement projects count as crafts?? ¬†LOL! ¬†If so I could show you what has been keeping me from the wonderful world of projects I usually post here ūüôā ¬†Actually, as I have time I probably will post some of the home improvements we have done this year.

As promised last week this is the photo display I made for my grandmother’s funeral. ¬†I wanted something more than just pasting pictures to a board. ¬†I wanted a theme….something that would make everyone smile as they browsed over the pictures…and their own memories of grandma. ¬†My grandparents owned several concessions that were regularly booked into fairs, and they LOVED all the travelling. ¬†So the best fitting theme I could think of was the Carnival. ¬†Armed with my Cricut, Gypsy, and pile of textured cardstock I went to town.

Project 70 of 365: Grandma’s Memory Board

70 of 365

70 of 365: Grandmother's Memory Board

I know I have been moving away from concentrating solely on Stampin Up!, but I think this is an appropriate move. ¬†While I am sure the majority of my projects will still be Stampin’ Up!, as I am so completely in love with their products, there are so many other crafts that I also love and want to share with you.

Check back soon!



Project 69 of 365: Eggplant Wedding August 6, 2010

I cannot believe that it is Friday already! ¬†Where did the week go??? ¬†Oh yeah…it probably went to the brilliantly “simple” home improvement ideas I had on Tuesday. ¬†If my husband knew what was good for him (and our bank account) he would post a picture of me by every cashier at Home Depot with a note saying DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN BUY ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT ITEMS. ¬†LOL!!!

I think every time I step into a home improvement store I suddenly snap into this overly optimistic mood, and have delusions of my actual home improvement ideas. ¬†Or, just to move some of the blame off myself, maybe I should sue all companies that put instructions on the back of their projects making it sound “so simple” or ¬†“no fail.” ¬†I think that my crafting spirit somehow believes that it can magically transform into “Super Handywoman,” because everytime I get to the store I am 100% confident that I can fix this or that all by myself, yet somehow it never quite works out the way I envisioned.

At Home Depot I purchased $80 worth of items to fix 5 issues in the house. ¬†I was so proud of myself, and already preparing how I was going to WOW all of you with all that could be done with that money, but alas only 2 of those projects are complete (and one of those I’m still not so sure about.)

The biggest disaster was caulking the bathtub. ¬†I tackled this first as it should have been a 30 minute job max. ¬†We have been having problems with re-caulking the tub. ¬†For whatever reason no caulk wants to stick, and it just peels off as soon as it gets wet (and yes we have been following the directions.) ¬†Caulking the tub was supposed to be a surprise to Mike when he got home from work. ¬†After all its not rocket science. ¬†I asked the Home Depot guy what to do about the issue, and he showed me some caulk remover (as maybe the new caulk wasn’t sticking because there was too much old stuff left behind) and he picked out a caulk for me.

Our house gave me yet another surprise….When I decided I would make sure I got all the old caulk out I found yet another SNEAKY surprise left by the previous owner. ¬†The caulk was up to 2 inches thick, and once I got to the end of that I could stick the plastic knife I was using 3-4 inches in before it was stopped by anything. ¬†There was nothing behind the lowest level of tiles???? ¬†I was starting to get scared that the whole wall would collapse if I pulled out all the caulk…not to mention how much caulk was actually falling down inside the gaping hole between the tub the wall and the tile. ¬†Why can’t Holmes on Homes come to Wisconsin? ¬†Our house would be a real treat!!

So once I got all the caulk out I was left with the mystery of what to do about the hole. ¬†In the end I realized it doesn’t make sense to over do this as we are going to have Bathfitters come in next year (hopefully) to install a tub and surround around our current tub….as much as I love the idea of real tile we have to go with what we can afford ūüė¶ ¬†So I start pushing caulk back in the opening, and run out of caulk before finishing (since I wasn’t expecting the big hole), and now Home Depot is closed. ¬†I was so upset, that after working on my 30 min project for over 5 hours I was basically going to have to start over the next day after I got more caulk because, the way I understand it, to get a proper seal I don’t think you can let half of it dry and then finish the rest???

Well….the next day I decided not to pull the caulk back up and start over, because I had stuffed it pretty far back in the space between the tub and tile, and instead start where I left off with the new caulk, and then when I had caulk all the way around I went back around with a thin coat all the way around. ¬†It looks much better now, but until I take a shower after writing this article, I won’t know if it did the trick…

This was just WAY more difficult than it was supposed to be!!

As for the adventures with the rest of the home improvements I will add them to later posts.

On to something that did work out as planned….

This is the card I made for a wedding Mike and I attended last Saturday.  The colors used on this card are inspired by the colors used on their invitation.

Project 69 of 365: Eggplant Wedding

69 of 365

69 of 365: Eggplant Wedding



  • Whisper White
  • Elegant Eggplant
  • Pear Pizzazz
  • Old Olive DSP (didn’t have Pear Pizzazz)


  • Versamark
  • Elegant Eggplant
  • Pear Pizzazz


  • For the Bride
  • Bella Toile
  • Very Versatile
  • Vintage Vogue


  • Satin Ribbon
  • Pearls
  • White Emboss Powder

Check back for more projects and Home Improvement Thrills ūüôā



Projects 67 and 68 of 365: Memories of Grandma August 4, 2010

Well, it seems as though life is slowly but surely getting back to normal. ¬†It’s kind of odd in a way…but when Monday came around I decided its a new week, and its time to get everything back on track. ¬†First of all….the house needed a major cleaning…I can’t believe how messy things can get in just a couple of weeks. ¬†Its not so much that we weren’t picking up after ourselves, as just not doing the cleaning, cleaning stuff, because I was constantly running back and forth to where by grandmother was (over 2 hours away in Waupaca, WI), plus spending what seemed like hours a day on the phone checking up on grandma or answering questions for others looking for updates.

Grandmother passed away July 24th, and the funeral was last Thursday. ¬†While I miss her terribly, I have to admit that when I got the call I breathed a sigh of relief. ¬†She was in so much pain…to an extent that I would not wish on anyone. ¬†It was so hard to see her like that, knowing there was no chance she would be getting any better. ¬†The only question I will always wonder is why the he** her doctor would have advised her to have breast cancer surgery at the age of 86, knowing that she had a BAD heart. She probably had less than a 50/50 chance of waking up from the surgery much less recovering from it. ¬†At that time she was in NO pain from the cancer, and while I wouldn’t call her “healthy” (she was 86 after all) she was mostly comfortable. ¬†It just seems to me that this whole thing would have been so much less painful for her if they would NOT have done the surgery, fact-be-told, I also think she would have lived longer and been more comfortable, and possibly have even spent the rest of her days at home where she wanted to be (or at least several months at home in much less pain).

I have many projects to post for everyone….including an entire throw I crocheted mostly in the time spent visiting grandmother, a picture board completed for the funeral, another wedding card from a wedding we attended on Saturday, as well as the two digital scrapbook pages I am posting today.

In honor of grandmother I did complete a couple scrapbook pages using My Digital Studio (a digital scrapbook and card making software by Stampin Up!) ¬†All of the pictures used in these two pages are very recent pictures of grandmother. ¬†They were taken at my cousin’s wedding this past March. ¬†She looked so nice that day, and that special sparkle was in her eyes just like I always remembered. ¬†The last time I visited grandmother she was barely opening her eyes, but just for a second or two she seemed to open them wide and look right at me, and that magical sparkle was still there. ¬†That sparkle let me know SHE was still in that body even though everything was fading. ¬†When I drove home that last time that’s all I could see, and that sparkle is how I choose to remember those last days.

Project 67 of 365: Grandma’s Sparkle

67 of 365

67-365: Grandma's Sparkle

Project 68 of 365:  Memories of Grandmother

68 of 365

68 of 365: Memories of Grandmother

I Love You Grandmother, and thank you so much for raising me to be the person I am today. РForever your little girl-  Betsy