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Project 87 of 365: Vintage Wallpaper Fall Card September 22, 2010

Where the heck have I been for the past 12 days.  Lol!   Well I have been BUSY.  I have gotten lots of projects done, but with no time to post them.  I was in total home repair/improvement mode.  After getting the much needed storm damaged windows replaced I had a bunch of trim work to do (paint, and fill in the nail holes).  Then several windows needed new window treatments since some of the windows had to become different sizes, or styles, so I finally broke out that sewing machine I begged my husband to get me last Christmas so that I could learn to sew, and I made my own Roman Shade for my craft room.  I am sooooo proud of that shade…I need to take a picture of it and post it on here.  It took me two days to make it (An experienced person could have finished it in a few hours…but I haven’t sewn anything since high school home ec  class) and I was so surprised at how well it worked out!!!

Well all of this spawned more improvements that I have been just dying to do……I painted and then put up a custom closet system in my dream walk-in closet  (since we all know 12o year old houses don’t have walk -in closets it is actually this weird bonus room that was added to our TINY master bedroom as part of an addition to the house by a previous owner, and since I hated having a weird L-shaped bedroom with NO closet space I decided to put up closet doors, and make a really BIG dream closet.)

After that I just HAD to finish up the kitchen…..I love the color the previous owner painted the kitchen, but it was like they didn’t finish it because they didn’t paint the parts of the kitchen where the cabinets are????  It looked so drab and boring on the walls where all the cabinets and stove are because the walls were white, and the cabinets are super plain white cabinets.  So I got some more of that beautiful earthy blue color as what is on the other 2 1/2 walls  (its pretty dramatic….I’ll have to get some pictures of this up here too.) and painted above and below the cabinets.  This $30 worth of paint made it look like such a different kitchen.  Before it was blah, boring, and outdated….Now its updated and modern.  I really can’t believe this big of a change came from just painting!!

I’ve also done quite a few other smaller things….I’ve been on such a home improvement kick.  It’s been all about those inexpensive finishing touches that have been missing.  Plus I think I’m really into fixing stuff because things are finally starting to go right with this place, and I’m starting to LOVE my house again.  I was getting soooooo frustrated, because everything was going wrong with this place for the longest time….Every time we tried to fix something we ran into bigger problems, but starting with the window installation everything started to finally go our way!!!!  The new windows are AMAZING….now we just need to find a way to save up the money for the rest of the windows (we were only able to do 6 windows, but at least that included all the biggest windows.)

But now I’m back, and today it is all about texture.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again….I love all the Textured Impressions Embossing Folders (by Sizzix).  On several of the cards that I will be posting today the embossing is actually the focus of the card.

Project 87 of 365: Vintage Wallpaper Fall Card

87 of 365

87 of 365: Vintage Wallpaper Fall Card



  • Cajun Craze
  • Old Olive
  • Very Vanilla


  • Holiday Best


  • Cajun Craze


  • Vintage Wallpaper Textured Impressions Embossing Folder
  • Sponge Dauber
  • Snail/Tombow Adhesive

I’ve got plenty more to post so stop back soon!



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