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Project 102 of 365: Gratitude Medallion Card November 15, 2010

I know it has been far too long since my last post, but I’m still here. Just trying to fit everything into my new car sales schedule. Soon I will be adding card kits for purchase as well as as some great new jewelry I’ve started creating!

For now, let’s get back to these great fall cards I’ve been working on…

Project 102 of 365: Grattitude Medallion Card

102 of 365

102 of 365: Gratitude Medallion Card


This card was cased from another person and as soon as I find my note on who it is I will include that info for you ūüôā

Stamp Sets: Day of Gratitude and Medallion Background

Thanks for checking out my blog…will be back with more soon!!


Projects 67 and 68 of 365: Memories of Grandma August 4, 2010

Well, it seems as though life is slowly but surely getting back to normal. ¬†It’s kind of odd in a way…but when Monday came around I decided its a new week, and its time to get everything back on track. ¬†First of all….the house needed a major cleaning…I can’t believe how messy things can get in just a couple of weeks. ¬†Its not so much that we weren’t picking up after ourselves, as just not doing the cleaning, cleaning stuff, because I was constantly running back and forth to where by grandmother was (over 2 hours away in Waupaca, WI), plus spending what seemed like hours a day on the phone checking up on grandma or answering questions for others looking for updates.

Grandmother passed away July 24th, and the funeral was last Thursday. ¬†While I miss her terribly, I have to admit that when I got the call I breathed a sigh of relief. ¬†She was in so much pain…to an extent that I would not wish on anyone. ¬†It was so hard to see her like that, knowing there was no chance she would be getting any better. ¬†The only question I will always wonder is why the he** her doctor would have advised her to have breast cancer surgery at the age of 86, knowing that she had a BAD heart. She probably had less than a 50/50 chance of waking up from the surgery much less recovering from it. ¬†At that time she was in NO pain from the cancer, and while I wouldn’t call her “healthy” (she was 86 after all) she was mostly comfortable. ¬†It just seems to me that this whole thing would have been so much less painful for her if they would NOT have done the surgery, fact-be-told, I also think she would have lived longer and been more comfortable, and possibly have even spent the rest of her days at home where she wanted to be (or at least several months at home in much less pain).

I have many projects to post for everyone….including an entire throw I crocheted mostly in the time spent visiting grandmother, a picture board completed for the funeral, another wedding card from a wedding we attended on Saturday, as well as the two digital scrapbook pages I am posting today.

In honor of grandmother I did complete a couple scrapbook pages using My Digital Studio (a digital scrapbook and card making software by Stampin Up!) ¬†All of the pictures used in these two pages are very recent pictures of grandmother. ¬†They were taken at my cousin’s wedding this past March. ¬†She looked so nice that day, and that special sparkle was in her eyes just like I always remembered. ¬†The last time I visited grandmother she was barely opening her eyes, but just for a second or two she seemed to open them wide and look right at me, and that magical sparkle was still there. ¬†That sparkle let me know SHE was still in that body even though everything was fading. ¬†When I drove home that last time that’s all I could see, and that sparkle is how I choose to remember those last days.

Project 67 of 365: Grandma’s Sparkle

67 of 365

67-365: Grandma's Sparkle

Project 68 of 365:  Memories of Grandmother

68 of 365

68 of 365: Memories of Grandmother

I Love You Grandmother, and thank you so much for raising me to be the person I am today. РForever your little girl-  Betsy


Project 2 0f 365: My Attempt at “Sunny Day” May 17, 2010

As many of you probably know Michelle Zindorf is AMAZING at making cards with brayer techniques. ¬†You can check out her blog here. ¬†She does tons of tutorials on her techniques, and actually tours parts of the country doing Brayer Classes. ¬†I first stumbled upon her blog when browsing over samples at a site that is for Stampin’ UP! demonstrators only. ¬†I go there almost everyday to get inspiration or see what colors or stamp sets are HOT right now. ¬†Another demonstrator had posted a very similar card and a link to Michelle Zindorf’s site. ¬†I am so glad she did.

I had purchased my Stampin’ UP! brayer well over a year ago and I had yet to even take it out of the package as I hadn’t a clue how to use it, and the longer I left it sitting in its package the more and more I began to truly believe that it was likely just a disaster waiting to happen, and mess that would take too much energy to clean up…..Well thank you Michelle Zindorf…..If I hadn’t seen how she makes the colors just come alive that brayer would still be sitting in its package.

While I still don’t really have a clue about how to “properly” use a brayer I gotta pat myself on the back and say my card looks dang good for someone who just looked at a picture and crossed her fingers. ¬†While Michelle Zindorf does an EXCELLENT job at telling you the step by step of which materials she is using, and the order in which she is doing them…..I couldn’t find any directions on HOW she was actually doing this….i.e….how the heck do I actually roll this darn thing and come up with the magic she does instead of a bunch of smears on the paper where you can actually see where the edge of the brayer was. ¬†Somehow, by what can ONLY be explained as pure magic, once I was finished with the card and had everything assembled, all those brayer edge blemishes have vanished??????

It makes perfect sense why she does not go in-depth in the process of using the brayer….she holds classes where she gets paid to teach these techniques, so it would be counter-intuitive for her to give that info out for free on the internet. ¬†I can’t blame her for that….I’m out here trying to make a buck too ūüôā ¬† But if she ever stumbled across my rambling newby blog and felt sorry for this poor girl and wanted to shoot me a few tips I would definitely be all ears.

Well on to the task at hand… 2nd project on my quest to 365 Stampin’ Up! projects in 365 days….This is my attempt at Michelle Zindorf’s “Sunny Day” card that she posted just last week.

Remember that you can purchase all the Stampin’ UP! items used in this project HERE. ¬†I have the link set up so that it opens in a new window making it easy for you to see which supplies are used in this window, and locating them in my Stampin’ UP! shop in the other window.

Awash With Flowers Sunny Day Card

My attempt at Michelle Zindorf's "Sunny Day" card

Stampin’ UP! Supplies:

Paper:  Whisper White, Summer Sun, Dusty Durango, and Always Artichoke smooth cardstock

Ink: Dusty Durango, Really Rust (I’m so sad to see you go in July 2010), Always Artichoke, Old Olive, Pumpkin Pie, Basic Black, Green

Galore, and Crushed Curry classic inks. (The last one was supposed to be Summer Sun, but the great friend that I am I loaned that ink

pad to a friend figuring that I wouldn’t need it since it too will be retiring in July 2010.)

Markers: Green Galore, Really Rust, Pumpkin Pie, and Always Artichoke

Punches: Photo Corner

Stamp Sets: ¬†Awash with Flowers, Medallion Background (I’m in love with this stamp)

Accessories: Circle Scissor Plus (Michelle Zindorf used the Big Shot and a Circle Die), White Gel Pen (a MUST HAVE, the card would not

look the same without the white highlights!!!!), Brayer, Sponge, and Old Olive Brads.

I’m not going to go into the specifics on how to do this since this card is completely copied from Michelle Zindorf’s (and I have included a link to her blog above if you want to follow the step by step, and she rightfully asks that others do not post HER tutorials on their sites.) ¬†I am still in amazement that the Circle on this card started off as plain WHITE cardstock. ¬†I have a feeling that Michelle Zindorf will be the inspiration of several projects to come….hopefully as I better learn the brayer technique I will veer into creating my own creations and not rely on complete and utter copying of her art. ¬†I still look at my card and can’t believe that I really made that!!!

Well that is all for now….back to work to figure out what project #3 of 365 will be….

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StampinBetty Out…..