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Project 97 of 365: Sanded Candles September 30, 2010

Hi all!

Well, its official….I am returning to my old job selling Mercedes Benz here in Milwaukee. ¬†I know, who woulda thought…this craft loving girl is also obsessed with high-end German cars ūüôā ¬†It all started when I was 23 and bought a 2000 BMW 323i. ¬†I remember people thinking I was being impulsive and irresponsible when I bought that car……But I truly wasn’t!!! ¬† I caught all kinds of flack over it, about how I could have gotten a brand new Sunfire or whatever other crappy car for the same price. ¬†I told them that I got a better deal and guaranteed them all that I would have this car far longer than all of my other friends who had recently purchased brand new cars. ¬†I was right!!!! ¬†I drove that car for over 8 years!! ¬†I traded it in last year to get my 2006 Envoy, not because the car was worn out, but because we needed a larger vehicle. ¬†I miss that car every day!!! ¬†In the end I did save more money than all those who thought I was being young and dumb. ¬†In that same time they had all bought at least 2 cars, making my purchase the cheapest of them all!! ¬†When I traded that car in it was still beautiful (except for the few lovely door dings acquired by living in Milwaukee), there wasn’t a blemish in the interior, and it still handled way better than most of the new cars my friends have. ¬†You hit the gas and it really went, you turn the wheel and it turned, and on the highway you never had to turn the radio up to cover up the “road noise”, and my favorite part… jiggly sounding loose parts. ¬†So yes, I admit it, I am, and will always be a car snob!! ¬†It has nothing to do with showing off to others, my car was a basic model, and the smallest 4 door car they made. ¬† It is all about the feeling of driving a well built car that I knew wasn’t going to fail me when I needed it most!!

I know….that was a BMW, but I sell Mercedes Benz…..well….. When I applied for the job the first time I thought I would be selling BMW, but alas, they tricked me after getting me excited about selling cars, and then broke it to me I would be selling Mercedes Benz. ¬†I wasn’t too thrilled in the beginning. ¬† I knew nothing about Mercedes Benz, in fact, I thought they were only for elitist jerks who like to prove to their neighbors they make more money. ¬†I was soooooo wrong!!! ¬†And as soon as I pay off my current debt a Mercedes Benz is on the top of my “reward myself” list. ¬†I can honestly say you will not find a higher quality car out there. ¬† You spend more upfront, but if one car lasts you as long as 2 cheaper cars…..then in the end you actually paid less ūüôā

Time to get back to the task at hand and get some of this growing pile of finished cards posted for you all…

Project 97 of 365: Sanded Candles

97 of 365

97 of 365: Sanded Candles

This card is based on a card by Holly Krautkremmer (on both the Stampin Up demo site, and Splitcoast Stampers).  I just changed up the colors and made a few minor adjustments.



  • Basic Gray
  • Basic Black
  • Old Olive
  • Pumpkin Pie DSP
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Very Vanilla


  • Dark & Dreary
  • Sanded- Background


  • Basic Black
  • Old Olive


  • Rhinestone or Brad (non SU)
  • Large Oval Punch
  • Paper Crimper
  • 5/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Scallop Trim Border Punch

Thanks for looking!



Projects 67 and 68 of 365: Memories of Grandma August 4, 2010

Well, it seems as though life is slowly but surely getting back to normal. ¬†It’s kind of odd in a way…but when Monday came around I decided its a new week, and its time to get everything back on track. ¬†First of all….the house needed a major cleaning…I can’t believe how messy things can get in just a couple of weeks. ¬†Its not so much that we weren’t picking up after ourselves, as just not doing the cleaning, cleaning stuff, because I was constantly running back and forth to where by grandmother was (over 2 hours away in Waupaca, WI), plus spending what seemed like hours a day on the phone checking up on grandma or answering questions for others looking for updates.

Grandmother passed away July 24th, and the funeral was last Thursday. ¬†While I miss her terribly, I have to admit that when I got the call I breathed a sigh of relief. ¬†She was in so much pain…to an extent that I would not wish on anyone. ¬†It was so hard to see her like that, knowing there was no chance she would be getting any better. ¬†The only question I will always wonder is why the he** her doctor would have advised her to have breast cancer surgery at the age of 86, knowing that she had a BAD heart. She probably had less than a 50/50 chance of waking up from the surgery much less recovering from it. ¬†At that time she was in NO pain from the cancer, and while I wouldn’t call her “healthy” (she was 86 after all) she was mostly comfortable. ¬†It just seems to me that this whole thing would have been so much less painful for her if they would NOT have done the surgery, fact-be-told, I also think she would have lived longer and been more comfortable, and possibly have even spent the rest of her days at home where she wanted to be (or at least several months at home in much less pain).

I have many projects to post for everyone….including an entire throw I crocheted mostly in the time spent visiting grandmother, a picture board completed for the funeral, another wedding card from a wedding we attended on Saturday, as well as the two digital scrapbook pages I am posting today.

In honor of grandmother I did complete a couple scrapbook pages using My Digital Studio (a digital scrapbook and card making software by Stampin Up!) ¬†All of the pictures used in these two pages are very recent pictures of grandmother. ¬†They were taken at my cousin’s wedding this past March. ¬†She looked so nice that day, and that special sparkle was in her eyes just like I always remembered. ¬†The last time I visited grandmother she was barely opening her eyes, but just for a second or two she seemed to open them wide and look right at me, and that magical sparkle was still there. ¬†That sparkle let me know SHE was still in that body even though everything was fading. ¬†When I drove home that last time that’s all I could see, and that sparkle is how I choose to remember those last days.

Project 67 of 365: Grandma’s Sparkle

67 of 365

67-365: Grandma's Sparkle

Project 68 of 365:  Memories of Grandmother

68 of 365

68 of 365: Memories of Grandmother

I Love You Grandmother, and thank you so much for raising me to be the person I am today. РForever your little girl-  Betsy