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Project 73 0f 365: Jungle Baby Card August 14, 2010

This card was also a special request from my Sister-In-Law.  This card is for a Baby Shower where the theme is jungle animals.  Another request, from the mother-to-be, is that she doesn’t want any gender stereo-type colors or themes for the baby/baby shower.  They know that they are having a girl, but want to avoid the stereo-type of all pink and things like “princess” or “spoiled”.  I completely understand where she is coming from….but….I can totally see myself going pink-crazy if I were to have a baby and it were a girl 🙂   I, too, don’t like those “spoiled” or “brat” type themed clothing either.   Unless, of course, it were from the grandparents and it said something like “my grandma/grandpa spoil me rotten”  because grandparents get to spoil their grandkids….at least that was always what my grandparents always said about all the grandkids they didn’t raise themselves.

Well, I think I  succeeded in no gender stereotypes on this card.  When I first completed the card I didn’t really like it.  It just looked so plain and 2D.  So I went back with my Stampin Write Markers and gave it more depth with shadows, and definition on the leaves and such, and then highlights from a white gel pen.  It made a world of difference.  The card was “OK” when it was just paper, but so much better with the added dimension gained with the markers and white pen.

Project 73 of 365: Jungle Baby Card

73 of 36

73 of 365: Jungle Baby Card

Well it’s time to get ready for the concert, and tomorrow afternoon I will be going to that baby shower with my Sister-in-Law.  So hopefully I will find time tomorrow night to post some more of the projects I have sitting here waiting to be blogged about 🙂



72 of 365: Birthday Movie

Where to start, where to start…..the dentist visit or the concert????  Well obviously the concert 🙂

I am so excited.  Tonight I am going to the Bret Michels concert at the Wisconsin State Fair!!!  So actually 2 exciting things:  I have never been to the State Fair and, well… its Bret Michels.  Why, you ask, am I so excited over Bret Michels?  Well, that comes with a story.  It either starts with my brother and I constantly listening to an old Poison TAPE (thats right, a cassette tape, google it if you are too young to remember those LOL!!) and singing along when we were kids…Or more likely it comes from my guilty pleasure of watching that ridiculous VH1 show Rock of Love.  Because, even though I know every word to all the old Poison songs, my brother and I grew up without cable TV, so no MTV to actually see the band or the trouble they got into.  I honestly, did not know who Bret Michels was until the Rock of Love.  Too funny 🙂 Today kids would try to make claims of child abuse if they didn’t have cable TV, but back then it was just a thing for city kids to waste time on.  We lived WAY out in the country growing up, and it didn’t seem like we were missing out on anything….  Wow how the world changes (btw…I’m not “old,” will be 32 next week.)

I LOVED watching that completely ridiculous show…  All three seasons, thinking/knowing he was never really going to find that special someone on that show.  Heck, I probably would have continued watching and laughing my a$$ off even if it went to 10 seasons.  I think it was a way to wind down, and let my brain go numb since ,at the time, I was DEEP DEEP DEEP into my graduate studies and visions of statistics and patterns even haunted me in my sleep, so watching something completely senseless probably helped reduce stress.  LOL!

Well, there you have it…I’m going to my first concert in probably over 10 years (Last concert I went to see was Bob Dylan, on some kind of come back tour,  in Green Bay), and since our seats are pretty close to the stage I will probably behave like a star-struck teenager. 🙂

The first project I am posting today is a Birthday card my Sister-In-Law asked me to make.  It was for her friend whom she regularly goes out to movies with.  Her only real request for the card was for it to have a tub of popcorn on the front.  In many ways I actually like the inside of the card more than the outside.  Plus I personalized the inside message with an inside joke the 2 of them share.  To do this I just made some word art in photoshop.  All of the paper piecing is from my Cricut and Gypsy

Project 72 of 365: Birthday Movie Card

72 of 365

72 of 365: Birthday Movie Card

72 of 365

72 of 365: Birthday Movie Card Inside

I have quite a few things to post for you, so we will see how far I get today 🙂



Project 70 of 365: Grandma’s Memory Board August 11, 2010

Do all my home improvement projects count as crafts??  LOL!  If so I could show you what has been keeping me from the wonderful world of projects I usually post here 🙂  Actually, as I have time I probably will post some of the home improvements we have done this year.

As promised last week this is the photo display I made for my grandmother’s funeral.  I wanted something more than just pasting pictures to a board.  I wanted a theme….something that would make everyone smile as they browsed over the pictures…and their own memories of grandma.  My grandparents owned several concessions that were regularly booked into fairs, and they LOVED all the travelling.  So the best fitting theme I could think of was the Carnival.  Armed with my Cricut, Gypsy, and pile of textured cardstock I went to town.

Project 70 of 365: Grandma’s Memory Board

70 of 365

70 of 365: Grandmother's Memory Board

I know I have been moving away from concentrating solely on Stampin Up!, but I think this is an appropriate move.  While I am sure the majority of my projects will still be Stampin’ Up!, as I am so completely in love with their products, there are so many other crafts that I also love and want to share with you.

Check back soon!



Projects 56-66: New Baby Girl Scrapbook Kit July 20, 2010

Hi All,

You’ve probably been wondering were I disappeared to for the past week….Well I have been cooking up some really cool stuff for you.  To start with I am going to slowly start adding crafting kits for purchase to this blog (like the album kit posted today.)  My goal with these kits will be to make great projects which you can complete at home in about an hour or 2 without any special tools or supplies!!!  How cool is that?

The album kit I am posting today is designed for new born baby girls (I am working on a VERY similar album for new born boys, I just need to find paper with the “right” colors.)  This album is a 6×6 album, designed to stay as THIN as possible (less than an inch thick even after you add photos) so you can just slip it in your bag or desk, and you will have the perfect Brag Book for any time someone asks about your beautiful baby.

For $19.99 you will receive:

1. A very nice 6×6 album with 10 page protectors (20 pages).  This album cannot be expanded, it is designed to stay thin, so all pages are permanently inserted with no posts or rings.

2.  All the die-cuts shown in all the pictures below.  Plus, any die cut made of multiple layers is already assembled for you!!!  So no need for you to try and solve the puzzle of how/where to attach the tiny layers 🙂

3.  All the patterned and solid CARDSTOCK (not thin paper) used.  Again, to keep this album as thin as possible, both sides of each sheet are used.  This is very high quality (non SU) cardstock which is solid on one side and patterned on the other.  Since it is very sturdy you can use both sides, saving you from an unsightly over-bulging album.

4.  You will also be emailed a PDF of all instructions (including photos) to complete the album.  The BEST part is that all you need to complete the album is the adhesive of your choice and a couple markers, and you can complete this album in 1 hour (maybe 2 hours if you add photos right away.)

While this will be presented as several projects (for the purpose of fulfilling my 365 in 365 goal) you will receive EVERYTHING in this post as part of your KIT!!

Buy it now for 19.99 plus shipping by clicking HERE

Project 56 0f 365: Page 1 of New Baby Girl Album

56 of 365

56 of 365: Page 1 of New Baby Girl Album

(in your kit the hand written portion will not be done for you….this way you can write whatever you want to here.)

Project 57 of 365: Pages 2-3 of Baby Girl Album

57 of 365

57 of 365: Pages 2-3 of Baby Girl Album

Project 58 of 365: Pages 4-5 of Baby Girl Album

58 of 365

58 of 365: Pages 4-5 of Baby Girl Album

Project 59 of 365: Pages 6-7 of Baby Girl Album

59 of 365: Pages 6-7 of Baby Girl Album

59 of 365: Pages 6-7 of Baby Girl Album

Project 60 of 365: Pages  8- 9 of Baby Girl Album

60 of 365

60 of 365: Pages 8-9 of baby Girl Album

(I just love the above page 🙂 …)

Project 61 of 365: Pages 10-11 of Baby Girl Album

61 of 365

61 of 365: Pages 11-12 of Baby Girl Album

(this one looks better in person)

Project 62 of 365: Pages 12-13 of Baby Girl Album

62 of 365

62 of 365: pages 12-13 of Baby Girl Album

Project 63 of 365: Pages 14-15 of Baby Girl Album

63 of 365

63 of 365: Pages 14-15 of Baby Girl Album

Project 64 of 365: Pages 16-17 of 365

64 of 365

64 of 365: Pages 16-17 of Baby Girl Album

(yours won’t have the messy glue….LOL….and the color here is a bit deceiving, the polka dot paper is more of a rose red with light pink dots, than the red red it looks like in the picture)

Project 65 of 365: Pages 18-19 of Baby Girl Album

(65 of 365

65 of 365: Pages 18-19 of Baby Girl Album

(so cute…)

Project 66 of 365: Page 20 of Baby Girl Album

66 of 365

66 of 365: Page 20 of Baby Girl Album

So there you have it everyone!!! If you like this kit buy it HERE for just $19.99 plus shipping.

When ordering your kit you will also receive a matching album (as pictured below)….If you request a specific album I will do my best to get you that one, but it is first come first serve.  If no request is made I will randomly choose an album for you 🙂

6x6 Albums for Baby Girl Scrapbook

Copyright notice: This kit is the original design of StampinBetty.  You can replicate this item for your personal use, but it is not allowable for you to use these designs for your profit without my consent.  Thank You 🙂

Hope you like this kit!!



Project 18 of 365: Elegant Friends June 5, 2010

Yesterday my blog hit its first milestone…..The StampinBetty blog has exceeded 1000 visitors!  Wow!!!  I’m a bit stunned, and I am so incredibly motivated to keep up with my challenge of completing 365 Stampin’ Up! projects in 365 days.

Nothing too interesting happened today, so we can get right to the project 🙂

Today’s project is for the The Mojo Monday Week 141 Challenge.  This week we had the option to go with a round or a square sketch, and I just had to do the round layout since I have never done a circle card.  I know….I’m just soooo square….Okay…the joke was corny but what do you expect at 1:30 AM 🙂

Even though this card looks quite clean and simple I actually put a lot of work into it, including heat embossing the background on the paper, and making the flowers.  I just love making my own patterned paper, and embellishments.  I often regret the amount of money I used to spend on store-bought embellishments (stickers, flowers, rub-ons, etc) because they all just sat around and got out-dated.  For whatever reason I always end up making my own embellishments, they just seem to flow better that way, whereas whenever I use stickers or such they always end up looking awkward and out of place….

Project 18 of 365: Elegant Friends

Mojo Monday Sketch 141

18 of 365: Elegant Friend

18 of 365: Elegant Friend



  • Chocolate Chip Textured
  • Pink Pirouette
  • Very Vanilla
  • Kraft
  • Whisper White


  • Chocolate Chip Craft
  • Chocolate Chip Classic
  • Chocolate Chip Stamp and Write Marker

Stamp Set:

  • Friends 24-7


  • Stamp-a-ma-Jig
  • Circle Scissors Plus
  • Sizzix Big Shot
  • Daisies Bigz Die
  • Clear Emboss Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Scallop Border Punch
  • Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon (retired)
  • Snail Adhesive
  • Tacky Tape

Non-Stampin’ Up! Supplies:

  • Cricut Expression
  • Cricut Gypsy
  • Gypsy Wanderings Cartridge
  • Large Clear Rhinestones
  • Tacky Glue

Remember to shop at my Stampin Up! site for all your Stampin Supplies.

For more information on the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge Click on the Picture Below:

Mojo Monday 141

Mojo Monday 141


Project 14 of 365: All Star Birthday May 31, 2010

Today is my husband’s nephews’ birthday.  He has twin nephews who are very into baseball, and play on a little league team.  So when my husband mentions to me an HOUR before their birthday cookout that we needed birthday cards I was like what the heck am I going to be able to whip up in less than an hour (plus I still needed to get ready to go.)  I almost went to the store and bought cards….but I realized that would just not be right since I am trying to show everyone how easy it is to make their own.

As I thought about it I knew I had recently purchased the “Just Baseball” stamp set, but I wanted more that those 3 simple stamps, so I pulled out the trusty Cricut as I have tons of cartridges, and even the Gypsy, that have not seen their fair play time since I started on this self-imposed Stampin’ Up! Challenge.  I decided I was still going to post the cards here on my blog, even though I used my Cricut, because the paper, and the stamps inside are Stampin’ Up!  And since I’m the boss here I win 🙂

Jason and Brian play on a little league team called the Red Sox, and their jerseys look like the Boston Red Sox, so I decided that would be the theme for the card.  I cut the words “All Star” from the Baseball Cartridge, Their initials from the “black letter” cartridge, and “birthday” from the “Stamping” cartridge.  I had also cut out baseball player silhouettes, but I decided not to use them as the card was getting crowded.

Inside the card I stamped “Happy Birthday” from the “Birthdays Count” stamp set, and then stamped off with all the images from the “Just Baseball” stamp set.

Project 14 of 365: All Star Birthday

14 of 365: All Star Birthday

14 of 365: All Star Birthday

If you look close enough you will see that the glue is not even dry yet….but I had to get the pictures snapped, and get on the road because we were about to be late for their birthday cookout, so excuse the messy glue 🙂

Inside of the All Star Birthday Cards:

14 of 365: All Star Birthday inside

14 of 365: All Star Birthday inside



  • Whisper White Textured
  • Night of Navy Textured
  • Real Red Textured
  • Yoyo Yellow Textured

Stamp Sets:

  • Just Baseball
  • Birthdays Count (retired)

Classic Ink:

  • Real Red
  • Night of Navy


  • Cricut
  • Baseball Solutions Cartridge
  • Blackletter Solutions Cartridge
  • Stamping Solutions Cartridge

I’m happy with the results since I only had an hour, and the boys thought it was pretty cool that their baseball birthday cards were homemade.  Even their mom liked the cards and she’s not into crafts….

Well I still have another project to post today, so check back soon!

Hope Everyone had a Great Memorial Day weekend!