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Projects 115-118 of 365: Snow Swirled and Delightful Decorations Cards December 21, 2010

Hi all,

I’ve got some more Christmas cards for you…..Can you believe Christmas is just a few short days away!!!  I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping…LOL…..good thing I always give out a lot of handmade gifts….

On another note….. I just got braces on my teeth last week.  I had no idea the pain people really go through with these things!!!  I was expecting the teeth to be sore, no surprise there, but I had no idea how badly these things tear up the insides of your cheeks!!!  This is insanity-level pain, and I only have the top ones on right now (won’t be getting the bottom ones for another 3 months because they have to move the top ones a bit to get the lower ones to fit.).  And I also love how they wait to spring on the list of foods you can’t eat until they already have these torture devices on….. There are TONS of healthy foods on the list of things you can not eat…. so I better stock up on the vitamins.  Can’t have (or at least have to be very very careful with) raw vegetables, whole apples, nuts, popcorn, etc…..I know its logical, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it 🙂   On the other hand….On the suggested list are ice cream, cake, brownies, pudding….Doesn’t it sound like a license to go junk food crazy???  🙂

On to the cards….  All of these cards are pretty quick to finish, so if you still need to make more cards before Christmas hop to it, and try these on for size…

Project 115 of 365: Delights of the Season

115 of 365

115 of 365: Delights of the Season

Not much explanation needed for this one, just a simple card pieced together, but don’t you just love that ornament punch.  I could not have been happier than when I saw that Stampin Up had made two more stamp sets to use with this punch (Contempo Christmas and Tags Til Christmas), and they are both MUST HAVE sets!!!  (please ignore the sloppy glue marks on this one…..this was one of the earlier versions when I was experimenting with what to do with the strings on the ornaments….tiny glue dots are much less noticeable than using actual glue…)

Stamp Sets:  Delightful Decorations, Many Merry Messages

Project 116 of 365: Decorate with Joy





116 of 365

116 of 365: Decorate with Joy


Stamps Used: Delightful Decorations

Project 117 of 365: Snow Swirled Resist

117 of 365

117 of 365: Snow Swirled Resist

This card happened because I had seen a really similar card online somewhere last year, but I didn’t have the really pretty patterned paper that they had used on the bottom of the card….So I did what I do best….I improvised and made my own patterned paper.  I started with a plain old sheet of whisper white card stock.  Then I used my versamark glue pad to randomly stamp the snowflakes from the Snow Swirled Stamp Set all over my 12×12 sheet of cardstock.  I then sprinkled it with Iridescent Ice Emboss Powder and used my heat gun to emboss it.  After that I used a sponge dauber and Soft Suede Ink to rub all over the paper.  In person this really looks so much more beautiful and sparkly than in the picture.  It actually looks quite suede like from the rubbing of the ink across the paper and purposely applying the ink uneven.  This is one of those projects where it pays off to be sloppy 🙂  (this technique is called Emboss Resist.)

Stamps Used:  Snow Swirled, Teeny Tiny Wishes

Project 118 of 365:  Snow Swirled Navy



118 of 365

118 of 365: Snow Swirled Navy


Ask anyone who has ever done a Christmas card class and they will likely tell you that I am obsessed with heat embossing.  I just love the effect, the smooth raised texture of the ink.  It just looks so classy and professional.  And running a close second to heat embossing would be using any of the emboss folders or texture plates in my Sizzix Big Shot.  “Texture, Texture, Texture” is my motto and I can’t get enough of it when I’m making cards!!  Seriously, all these texture effects are soooooo easy and so much cheaper than the been-there-done-that patterned paper that everyone has.  So don’t be intimidated by that heat gun, give it a shot, you will be hooked just like me.

If you are wondering how I got the tree and the greeting lined up so straight…..check out the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig (yes, that ‘s its real name.)  If you are a perfectionist this will be your best friend!!

Stamps Used:  Snow Swirled

Hope you guys are more prepared than I am for Christmas day 🙂

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Project 79 of 365: Weekend Wedding Card September 1, 2010

I’ve got a few cards to post for you today, so we will just have to see how far we get 🙂

So I am still searching for that “dream job.”  As much as I love crafting, with all the home repairs we are in need of and some of the things my husband and I want to do, I’ve decided it would be easier to do with a steady income, as you can never really predict what’s going to happen when you are running a tiny online craft business.  Don’t worry, I have no intention of abandoning everyone!!  This blog is my “therapy” and keeps me creating.  It is the perfect mix, because all of the jobs I am qualified for are so totally different than what I do here, my arts and crafts keep me well rounded 🙂  By education and professional experience I am a TOTAL numbers person, I actually have FUN running statistical models.  In graduate school I used to affectionately refer to my advanced stats homework as being like playing with a video game….if you keep working at it eventually you will get it “right.”   And I gotta tell ya….the feeling of satisfaction of being able to make sense of all the piles of what would seem like pointless data, or random effects to most people is much the same way as I feel when I complete a cool craft project.  My life needs both of these extremes to be satisfied 🙂

It would also be nice to work in a field that actually puts my Political Science Master’s Degree to work, and help payoff those student loans…LOL!

The project I am posting today is a wedding card I made for a wedding I attended about a week ago.  This card was super quick, and you might recognize that it is very similar to other wedding cards I made this summer.  I think this is because I loved the way that first one turned out, and since I was always running short on time for all the rest I ended up making different versions based on that card.  The one thing I have tried to do on ALL the cards was to match the colors of the wedding cards to their invitations/wedding colors.  I thought this would give the cards more of a personal touch.

Project 79 of 365: Weekend Wedding in Cherry Cobbler

79 of 365: Weekend Wedding in Cherry Cobbler



  • Whisper White
  • Cherry Cobbler


  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Whisper White Craft


  • Bella Toile
  • For the Bride


  • Whisper White Satin Ribbon
  • Half-Back Pearls from Pretties Kit
  • White Emboss Powder
  • Square Lattice Textured Impressions Emboss Folder- Sizzix

Remember that the New Holiday Mini Catalog is online as of today!!!  There is so much cool stuff in there I wish I could buy it all 🙂



Project 53 of 365: Friends Never Fade in Rich Razzleberry July 12, 2010

Besides loving the stamp set that is the focus of all of today’s projects (Friends Never Fade) I am soooooo in love with the Vintage Wallpaper Textured Impressions Emboss Folder.   Actually I’m in love with all the embossing folders.  I use them all the time!!  Of all the crafty things I have ended up “wasting” money on, the embossing folders are definitely NOT something I have any buyer’s remorse from.

What’s so great about the emboss folders is that you can use the textured paper in place of the expensive patterned paper.  You can brayer craft ink in the emboss folder to create textured and printed paper all-in-one.  And sometimes a simple card can just use a little texture.  If you browse back over my past projects you will start to notice my love affair with textures 🙂   (Whether it is with emboss folders, dimensionals, textured paper, embosslits, or heat embossing, textures just make the project.)

Project 53 of 365: Friends Never Fade in Rich Razzleberry

53 of 365

53 of 365: Friends Never Fade in Rich Razzleberry

This card is cased from Diana Ochoa Chu on the demonstrator only website (I just added the pretty bow.)



  • Rich Razzleberry
  • Soft Suede
  • Whisper White


  • Rich Razzleberry


  • Friends Never Fade


  • Vintage Wallpaper Emboss Folder
  • White Satin Ribbon

Back with more soon….



Projects 42-45: Eclipse Movie Hats July 3, 2010

Hi all!

Tis true, I am slightly behind on my 365 project goal.  It has been a sad time around the house… My grandmother, who was the closest thing I had to a “Mom” growing up has fallen very ill and has “temporarily” been placed in a nursing home.  Personally, I’m not so sure this is a temporary move for her.

First, I should clarify, that I have a VERY lovely, kind mother, unfortunately I did not know how wonderful she was until I was almost 30 years old, as unusual events resulted in my brother and I being raised by our grandparents and ill father.  This is why I say my grandmother was my Mother-figure growing up, and I have to say Grandma did an AWESOME job raising us!!!!!  My brother is now an Electrical Engineer, with a wonderful wife, and beautiful daughter, and they live Charlotte, NC.  I have a Master’s Degree, the best husband in the world, and the two coolest Bullmastiffs ever, here in Milwaukee.  Who could ask for more???  I know sooooooo many others who grew up in situations like ours and took such a drastically different path than we did, and I can only believe that my grandparents must have played a BIG role in this.  They never gave us anything for free, we had to work hard for everything.  They never babied us because we had unfortunate childhoods.  They didn’t have a lot of money, but what they did was make sure we knew we could do anything we wanted as long as we worked hard at it.  They made sure we knew life was not supposed to be easy…to get somewhere in life you had to fight for it, and never give up.  They reminded us that if someone told us we couldn’t do something because we didn’t have the “right upbringing” we had to stand up and SHOW them we could.  Because of our grandparents we knew the world did not OWE us something just because we had it harder than others, and that the only way someone was going to get us down was if we let them.

Four years ago today, grandfather passed away.  Now it seems as though grandmother wants to give in and join him.  I visited her 2 days ago (her nursing home is 2 1/2 hours away).  After spending the day with her it was clear that she misses grandfather terribly (they were married well over 60 years, and since they owned and ran a business together they never spent more than 24 hours apart.)  I thought about how hard it was to think of her being gone, but I also thought about how unfair and selfish it is to continue to beg her to fight and stay here.  She is 86 years old and in constant pain every day.  She has had so many surgeries, and there is no way her life will ever be comfortable again.  Yet family members insist on more and more treatments and surgeries to keep her alive.  It hurts me to think of the pain she is in and the fact that she will never be well again, yet is forced to endure more and more pain, instead of accepting the fact that no one lives forever and it is not fair to “torture” someone.  How could they even agree to giving a frail 86 year old chemotherapy????  When our pets are in pain that we know we can not make better, putting them to sleep is considered the only humane thing to do.  Yet, when our parents and grandparents are in torturous pain, and begging to “go home” after having lived a very LONG and FULL life we pump them with poisonous chemo, and further surgeries just so we don’t have to say good-bye.  SHAME on us!!!!!

I would not wish her agony on anyone, which is why I kneeled beside her bed with her almost lifeless hand in mine and told her how much I loved her, and how thankful I was that she raised me to be the person I am, and with tears in my eyes I told her that if she was tired and if she felt she had waited long enough to be reunited with grandpa that it was okay to go to him, that everyone was taken care of here, and no one would be upset at her for her for going.  She grasped my hands with more strength than I had felt from her in a long time, looked me in the eye, with tears in hers, and said thank you, I love you so much.  It was the hardest thing I have ever said to anyone, I only wish the rest of them would tell her the same and let her go peacefully.

Sorry for diverging from the goal of the blog, but let’s just say writing it out and posting it for others to read is my budget-friendly therapy.  Isn’t therapy all about getting it out and telling someone else so that you don’t hold it all inside.  So thank-you for being my therapist….just don’t send me a bill.  LOL! 🙂

Today’s projects aren’t Stampin Up, but they are too cool to not show you all, plus they were the other time consumer that has put me behind on my 365 goal (luckily I am only a few projects behind, and there are still 10 1/2 months to get them all done).

In total we made 12 of these hats (I think there was one missing when we took the photos.)  There are 4 different “designs” in these hats (hence counting them as four projects.)  There is my hat which is totally different from everybody else’s (completely covered with black and white photos with red satin ribbon.) There is Tina’s hat which has the basic design of the rest, but then I cut some really cool stuff on my die cutter for her to add, and she used red and black tulle ribbon.  Then there are Team Edward, and Team Jacob hats.

I should also be clear that I did not make all the hats.  The design for all the hats (except mine) was a collaborative idea from Tina, her two daughters, and me.  And everyone helped put the hats together.

Projects 42-45:  Eclipse Movie Hats


42-45: Eclipse Hats

Project 45 of 365: My Hat

45 of 365

45 of 365: My Eclipse Hat

44 of 365

44 of 365: Tina's Eclipse Hat

44 of 365

44 of 365: Tina's Eclipse Hat

The reason I am including Tina’s hat as project 44, even though she assembled it, is because I made the die cut Edward profile, and Cullen Crest for her, and making these die cuts was quite a “project” 🙂  But aren’t they awesome??

More photos of the hats:

If anyone is interested in purchasing a hat like one of these please let me know and we can work out a price and details for you.  I can make hats like these for ANY occasion!!  Email me at or leave a comment below with your email asking me to contact you.