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Project 71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw August 11, 2010

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So this one isn’t even a paper craft at all….It’s called diversification 🙂  I am just so proud of this throw I had to show you.  I just learned how to crochet a few months ago, and the ONLY other project I have crocheted is a very simple, single colored, single crochet scarf.  So I am patting myself on the back for taking on the challenge of an entire throw with several different stitch types, and I just made it up as I went.  There was no pattern….I’m sure you seasoned crocheters (is that even a word??) out there are thinking, “whatever…its just a bunch of granny squares” but I’m still proud that I was brave enough to just jump right in with both feet and go for a whole throw/blanket instead of making a 100 scarves 🙂

I actually crocheted the majority of this while on trips to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, so I think that might always make this one a little more special than others I  may create in the future.  Since it is a bunch of really big granny squares it made it the perfect craft to take with me.  All I needed was a crochet hook, a ball of yarn, and scissors.  I didn’t need to drag the whole thing with me, as I just made the blue squares while visiting grandmother, and then when I was home I would add two rounds with white around each square, and attach them.  I had read of the agony of attaching granny squares and how it seemed like an unending task.  Not wanting it to feel so daunting, I attached the squares as I finished them;  that way I wouldn’t have to spend an ENTIRE day assembling the throw once the squares were complete.  Then when all the square were done and attached I just added a row of single crochet all the way around the outside to make it look more “finished” since I am not into fringy blankets (that’s just one more thing to lure my dogs to chewing up the blanket).

Project 71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw

71 of 365

71 of 365: My First Crocheted Throw

No, the throw is not permanently on the back of the couch, I just did this for the photos so you could get an idea of how big it is…..But putting it on the couch when we have guests over might not be a bad idea….it nicely hides the notorious bullmastiff drool from my two babies 🙂